Silicone Wristband! Not Just Another Promotional Goods

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Wristbands! Light weight, made of rubber or silicone, one among the wrist wears - yet a powerful fashion accessory for teenagers and a solid promotional tool for fundraisers and awareness campaign. People love it, and just imagine how grateful that people are carrying your words to support the cause in their hands for you. Also silicone wristbands are useful to support right cause at right time. It helps you spread your message amazingly.

Silicone wristbands are must use promotional goods to support your business promotions, campaigns, trade shows and much more. Whereas the cost is concerned, it is highly reasonable. And there are many customizing options are available to make it look unique and to fit your outlook.

Some of the styles which really help you state your message meaningful:

  • One inch wide bands, to make your message look wider
  • Debossed wristbands, for bold and strong statements
  • Standard half inch bands, for professionals
  • Screen printing, for funky and teenage collections
  • Thin bands, for minimal lovers
  • Embossed wristbands, for events and special occasions

Still the list can go-on because of the wide variety of options available in market.

Wristbands are not just a promotional goods, it’s used by many people / businesses in many ways. And the reviews turn out to be successful after they use wristbands.

Business Ideas:

Wristband plays a big role in promoting business. They are used to create brand awareness, promote product and advertise the offers/discounts.


Lance Armstrong has started selling silicone wristbands to bring money for cancer victims. Following Lance, other organizations also had started selling wristbands for various purposes such as Global Warming, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and so on.

Special Occasions:

Special Occasions are always special to us and bind a lovely feel with our heart. It always makes us to feel delighted and blessed. Some of the Special Occasions are need to be made as a life time remembrance. The best part to keep the memories of such moments can be done with custom wristbands. People can gift silicone wristbands on any occasion to keep the remembrance safe.

Schools / Educational institutions:

School children can use spirit wristband to raise money for school clubs. In such bands, school name can be carved on it. Usually in schools, wristbands are mostly used to group/team the students for any event/program. Grouping can be done by wearing wristbands of same color or same style.

The trend of wearing wristbands is emerging in college as well. Purchasing team spirit wristbands for your team can help encourage teamwork and a token of appreciation for your team.

Positive attitude can be achieved by wearing motivational message printed wristbands. Motivational message like "Believe in yourself” can be carved on the bracelet. These words would create a great impact on students and help motivating them.

Amusement Parks And Waterparks:

In amusement parks and waterparks, Wristbands act as non-transferable tickets of paid guests. You can also restrict the access of a user by specifying color or text on wristbands.
Amusement parks use different color wristbands to identify special groups of people (school groups, corporate, church, volunteers, etc.) and to denote the purpose of the visit.

Night Clubs and Parties:

In recent days wristbands are widely used in nightclubs and for night parties as well .These wristbands are used as a token of entry, for age identification and access control.

The nightclub wristbands are non-transferable and brightly colored. Glow in the dark style can be helpful to make the club wristbands impressive.

You can also advertise your club logo by printing club’s logo on the wristbands.  You can also have a great artwork on it.

Camps & Campgrounds:

Outdoor events are the perfect place to use wristbands for identification of campers and camp staffs. Wristbands are waterproof, highly visible, and durable.

You can also print camper’s name on each wristbands for personal identification. You can also add logos, date, slogans and sponsor’s logo which will help to promote the purpose of your camp.

Child Safety:

Child safety is most important in today’s world. There are kid-sized wristbands available in market to perfectly fit your kid’s wrist. Also these bands can be customized with alert id, parent’s contact number and much more. So that it will be helpful in case the child gets separated from parents or in any other emergency cases

College Campuses:

Big teens crowd will definitely make the management go dizzy in terms of safety and access control. In this situation, custom printed color wristbands help them t spread the crowd into groups like volunteers, alumni, and much more. You can also add college logo, tagline, date of event to make the day more special and memorable.

Hotels, Resorts, and Motels:

Easy accessible wristbands can be used in hotels, resorts or motels to identify the customers. Different colored wristbands can be provided for different group of people/guest. Also the management can use the custom printed wristband with their logo and hotel name as a fun gift to their customers.

Sporting Events:

Wristbands with particular color can help identifying the group. Also the event organizer can print the team names on it with motivational message like “Success Is Yours” to bring team spirit and motivation inside the player’s heart.

Patriotic Wristbands:

Show your patriotism by wearing Patriotic wristbands. Wristbands printed with your nation flag and country name make you feel proud of your nation.

Breast Cancer Awareness Program:

Pink wristbands are used in promoting breast cancer awareness program. You can show your support by wearing pink wristbands.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated in October. You can fundraise for breast cancer by conducting awareness programs.

Stadiums & Race Tracks:

Using wristband is the ideal way for entry and identification purpose in large events/places with crowds. In such environments, highly visible, non-transferable wristbands can be used as tickets.
Printing logo’s, event name, special offers helps to promote the event in a better way. Providing different wristband for invited guests will help us to extend the security level.

You can also restrict the access by providing different colors for different purpose. These wristbands are used in general admission or special pass. You can also print seat number on wristbands which will help people find their right place.

Writing parent’s contact number on the kid’s wristband will be the great idea to reunite the children with their parents.

Wristbands can be used for various purposes. It’s a fashion accessory loved by all age groups due to its trendy style. So, if you are planning for any occasion or events/ awareness camp for a cause etc…  Just give a thought about wristbands & it’s amazing usage to make your day more special and memorable.

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