Modern Fashion Tips with a Bit of Tradition Thrown In

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Since the start of time, fashion has taken on new trends and tweaks to satisfy consumers. Clothes have gradually evolved as a necessity to making a statement.

Every tradition and culture around the world have their unique way of dressing. There are different attires for different occasions as well. Clothes can tell of a person’s social status to the occupation of the individual.

In modern times, one can say fashion is being recycled on a regular basis. There is no ‘new’ style on the market that has not been produced before. In fact, most designers reach out to old styles or native styles to incorporate to their modern styles.

The outcomes of these fashion statements are a refreshing blend of tradition and modern fashion all in one. It goes to say we are tied to our roots regardless of the generation we find ourselves. Whether you going for that job interview or just hanging out with friends you need to make it happen. After all you did the hard work of looking everywhere for the job; even checked out Ghana job posting sites.
Without much ado, learn how to incorporate traditional fashion items into your every day, outing and professional attires easily.


A traditional shirt can be incorporated into any form of modern fashion. This can range from the ‘kurta’ of Indian men to the ‘Ntoma’ shirts of African men. Rocking a traditional shirt usually goes with trousers of plain color.

Ladies can also pair traditional shirts and blouses with skirts to form a corporate look.

Skirts and Trousers

Just like traditional shirts, skirts, trousers and shorts can be paired with a jacket, shirts, blouses and the like. You could even pair with a matching shirt or blouse.


The versatility of cloths makes it easy for it to be morphed into any piece of fashion. Every culture has clothes spun specifically for the group. The cloths and even how they are woven are unique to every culture.

So have a traditional piece of attire and want to breathe new life into it? Why not have a professional seamstress or tailor sew it into a modern piece of attire. You even have the liberty to choose to sew into a professional attire or a casual piece.


Jewellery is one significant piece of fashion items that have withstood the test of time. From beads to brass necklaces, one can see the importance they played. In ancient times, jewellery was mostly worn for a purpose. Some were worn as a means of protection, others to show social status among others.
An example of incorporating jewellery such as beads into your daily attire is by stringing your own bead necklace. If you are handier, you could even fashion your own necklace from metal, bones and even pieces of plastic.

Pairing these necklaces with any attire is sure to make a fashion statement. Another way of incorporating beads into your attires is by sewing them in your shirt, skirt or fabric of your choice. You can draw out your pattern on the attire and sew the beads in.

Head Wraps

Head wraps have a long history. Head wraps such as turbans is a fashion statement not for the faint of heart. If you do not like attention or want to be less conspicuous the turban might not be appealing to you.

There are, however, ways of tying the turban on your head to complement your look. Aside from that, women can incorporate head wraps to compliment some outfits. Consider this, instead of wearing a winter hat, why not acquire a traditional cloth like those of the Xhosa women to wrap your head and ears. Compliment with a jacket, skinny jeans or a skirt and you are good to go.


Thanks to the Scots, plaid was put on the fashion map. The colorfully patterned kilts known as Tartan has made its way into modern fashion. There have been different dresses, shirts, and pieces of jewellery rocking this material with a rich history. From the American westerns to the punk revolution, this is material is worth pairing with any piece of modern clothing.

Modern fashion is stemmed from very deep and rich histories. Incorporating them into your daily life helps fashion to live on. You can add your own combination of traditional and modern outfits to this list. Now it’s time to go out there and slay in your traditional outfit.

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