Upper Lip Hair Removal Procedure’s For Women

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For any woman, getting rid of the unwanted hair in your body is not an easy task. This is also something that many men can identify with despite the fact that each one of us would want a sleek and hairless body. There are however various upper lip hair removal methods, most of which have grown in popularity over the year and these include the electrolysis which offer many pros and cons as well. Electrolysis upper lip hair removal method is tailored to help get rid of the unwanted hair “permanently” and the advantage with this procedure is that it is dependable as compared with all other methods such as shaving. The procedure however could be a little bit pricey and uncomfortable but this is easy to bear as you consider the results obtained thereafter.

Drawbacks associated with electrolysis

Electrolysis has no major drawbacks only that some people will develop some tiny scars on the face and especially where the needles are inserted during the hair removal. However, should not be a major cause for worry as these scars will heal within a short time thus becoming unnoticed. Many dermatologists normally discourage the use of electrolysis on black skinned women as they are at risk of developing keloids and hyper pigmentation.

However, it is worth noting that the procedure has some of the best results compared with others such as shaving and depilation. When searching for a place to have the procedure carried out, it is important to consider the well trained beauty specialists and the hygiene of the spa where the procedure is to be carried out.

How the procedure is carried out

Normally, electrolysis employs a small needle which slides through the skin and into the hair follicle thus destroying the cells that are responsible for the hair growth. This in return helps ensure that there is no re-growth for a long time. You should expect to experience some levels of discomfort but many clinics and spas are nowadays employing the use of an aesthetic creams which can be greatly helpful in reducing this discomfort. Electrolysis upper lip hair removal normally takes longer and the procedure could require 25 sessions to fully destroy the hair. This is because unlike shaving and other methods, the procedure targets the hair one strand at a time. However, you should not be worried since each session will only last for 10 minutes on the maximum.

What other procedures can be used?

Waxing is yet another method that also works well in the removal of the upper lip hair in women. It can be a bit uncomfortable and hurting since it involves swift hair removal. The discomfort can however be minimized by using soy-based hard waxes and pain relievers. If your beauty expert is experienced in this work, you should expect him or her to handle you more professionally and this will help prevent much discomfort and pain. Anti-inflammatory medications can also be used before the procedure to help reduce any chances of inflammation.

What you should consider before going through the waxing procedure

The thing of importance when planning for the procedure is to get a beauty specialist. This cannot be overemphasized. Do not just visit a spa based on their cheap prices and instead consider the safety of the procedure by discussing things such as the waxed to be used and the tools employed and their sanitization among other issues.  You should look around or seek for referrals if you are not sure of the spa to visit. This will help you to identify the right place and person to conduct the upper lip hair removal procedure.

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