8 Super Clever Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars

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Acne scars appear after the skin has grown out of getting acne. The best way to prevent getting acne scars on affected skin is to not touch the acne, and to use natural remedies to heal it. However, plenty of people, and not only teenagers but adults as well, often find themselves unable to not touch the acne. Acne scars can come in many forms, from indents, depressions in the skin, or lumps on the surface of the skin. There’s good news and bad news about acne scars. Bad news is that in most cases, acne scars become permanent marks on the body. The good news is that most acne scars can be improved over time, especially if the acne scars are only pigment markings on the skin. Below, we have gathered 8 natural ways to help get rid of acne scars. Before going to natural treatment, feel free to checkout some scar cream ratings given by Scarremovalcream.co. No creams can give overnight treatment. But there are some certified creams do work very well.

1.    Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, and has plenty of healing properties. The best way to use it is to massage virgin coconut oil gently on the affected skin, and allow it to seep through to the pores. Once the coconut oil has soaked in, it will continue healing and improving upon the scars, as its essential fatty acids and the vitamins in it begin to work. It can get quite heavy on the skin after a while, especially on oily skin. The optimal time to let it stay on is half an hour and removed with warm water.

2.    Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is as rich in vitamins as coconut oil, and can improve plenty of acne scars and pigmentations on the skin. The best thing about Aloe Vera gel is that it will not damage the skin at all, as it is very gentle and does not cause irritation. Its natural moisturizing properties will keep the skin hydrated, and will make the skin look healthier and softer. The best way of using Aloe Vera gen is directly from the plant. Potted Aloe Vera plants are very easy to acquire and can be kept in a home environment. When treating the skin with Aloe Vera, just break a little part of the leaf. Once the outer flesh has been peeled off, the gel can be placed on the skin and allowed to soak for at least half an hour before removing with hot water.

3.    Lemon Juice

Lemon juice acid (alpha-hydroxy acid or AHA) helps in improving acne scars and revitalizes the affected skin. It is very easy to apply – squeeze the juice out of the lemon into a small cup. It’s important to make sure that the lemons are organically produced, to maximize the healing effects. Also, lemon juice can have very strong effects on sensitive skin, so it is should to be used diluted with water, or honey. After the juice has dried, it should be removed with warm water.

4.    Baking Soda

Baking soda has million of uses, and one of them is help improving acne scars. Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate crystals. The best way to use them is to scrub them on the skin and allow them to exfoliate the skin. The baking soda is prepared with a warm water to create a paste that can be applied on the skin. Once it dries, it should be removed. This treatment should be followed with moisturizing the skin with oils: coconut, olive, or jojoba.

5.    Cucumber

Cucumbers are wonderfully hydrating; and rich in vitamin A, C, and magnesium – all of which work wonders on skin affected by acne scars. Organic cucumber can be found in local markets. Simply cut off a few thin slices, and allow them to rest on the affected skin. The slices should be discarded after about half an hour, and then the skin rinsed with warm water. This treatment can be used multiple times during the day.

6.    Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose hip seed oil is incredible in promoting healthy skin in a natural way. It should be applied on the skin twice daily to maximize its effects. The best thing about is that it is light weight and non-greasy, so there is no discomfort in using it. As it is rich in fatty acids and trans-retinoic acid (natural vitamin A) it helps healing scars and hydrates the skin.

7.    Honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer, and very effective healing scars. It should be raw, instead of processed. Raw honey can be found at local farmer markets or natural health stores. It should be massaged on the skin, and can be allowed to stay on the skin for as long as it is needed.

8.    Potato Juice

Potato is rich vitamins and minerals. Its juice can be squeezed out and used on acne scars and depigmentation marks on the skin. Potatoes can also be cut in thin slices and left on the skin for at least fifteen minutes, then discarded and the skin washed with warm water. This treatment can only be use once daily. 

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