Sarees – Perfect For Traditional And Trendy Look

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The most famous and intriguing dress in Indian fashion can be said as the Saree. As there is no fixed style for the wearing of the sari, the same way the title sari too is spelled in different ways such as Sari or Saree. Whatever the case, it has been the favorite dress of many women over the generations and still it holds its appeal in modern times.

So it is only natural to discuss a little about the history of the Sarees. The origin of the sari can be traced back to the Indus Civilization which is around 2800-1800 BC. 

The title “Sari” itself comes from the Prakrit word “Sattika”. Also, ancient literature has references relating to women being draped in exquisite saris ranging anywhere between 5 to 9 yards. 

Because of its ancient origins, the wearer of the sarees can be found in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. They cover the years that evolved their distinct style of design and materials. 

So now that the history of the saris is understood, it is also important to know that there are different styles of draping the sari. 

For instance, in India itself, there are so many varied ways of draping the saree. The pleated Saree Drape is the most common type which is prevalent all over India and is also most preferred. 

It is considered a elegant style. They can, but, be broadly classified into the following styles:

  • Southern Styles
  • Northern Styles
  • Eastern Styles
  • Central Styles

These styles in turn again have a lot of variations within them. There is a lot of difference and a considerable amount of expertise is also involved while draping the saree. 

Take the case of the Bengali Sarees. The Pallu is taken from the back and put over the right shoulder with usually a bunch of keys attached to it. There is a significance to it also, which shows the woman has complete control over the affairs of the house. 

Another style worth mentioning is the style worn by women of Maharashtra. It is worn slightly like the dhoti style thereby facilitating easy movement of the legs and accentuating the women’s lower part of the body. Another distinct and different way of draping comes from the Coorg region of Karnataka. 

Because of the hilly terrain of the Ghats, the saree has been modified to suit the rough surroundings. Hence the sari has pleats at the back and the pallu is brought below the left shoulder and fastened over the right shoulder. It is extremely elegant to look at and very comfortable too. 

Last but not least is the Gujarati Style of draping a saree. The Parsis too have a similar style. Here, the pallu is taken from behind and brought over the right shoulder. The folds or pleats are pleated over in the front. So the sarees usually have a grand and ornate pallu which attracts attention.

Whatever the style of draping, the saris have mesmerized women over the ages and continue to do so in the years to come. This shows its adaptability and versatility and is here to stay.

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